Rotation Planning Calendar Worksheet

I don’t know about you all, but for the last couple of weeks, planning for 4th year has fallen a little low on my to-do list.  I need to get serious, so I made a calendar worksheet for planning out rotations and blocks.

The calendar is designed for my brain, and it may not work for yours, but I have all the months and some of the major holidays/dates of interest on there.  As far as I know, we don’t have exact dates for the NAVLE, but we can extrapolate based on this year’s schedule.

The rotation checklist on the calendar is for me (small animal focus) but other focus areas should have no trouble swapping their lists out.

If you want to use it yourself, just make a copy and go to town.  Please let me know if you find any errors.  Enjoy the rainy day!

Spring Finals Info

EDIT: Please note that comprehensive Pathology review materials for the final are located on the main SysPath page – click the SysPath menu header to view them. Firstly, Candace M. has made an EXCELLENT document with finals dates, topics covered, and LINKS TO THE LECTURE CAPTURES.  Thank you, Candace!  Please let her know if you find any discrepancies. Finals Schedule (red are cumulative) (credit hours in blue):

  • Saturday 4/11: Nutrition (2) 9a D239, worth 38% of your final grade
  • Monday 4/13: ClinPath (3) 9a N Theater, 40%
  • Tuesday 4/14: NONE
  • Wednesday 4/15: Pharm (3) 9a S Theater, 33%
  • Thursday 4/16: TAU (1) 9a S Theater, Zoo PE Skills (1)1p S Theater
  • Friday 4/17: SysPath (5) 9a S Theater, 37.5%  (Epi (3) take-home final due 11:59 p.m.)

Please let me (Laura) or Cari know if you find any errors in the schedule.  GOOD LUCK AND GODSPEED

Spring Semester 2015 (!)

cute ny catHappy new semester, y’all!

Cari and I (Laura) will be linking the new materials over the next few weeks, but we should be able to stay ahead of the material pretty easily.  For those who prefer their own copies, all the files can be found here.  Remember that you can click on the course name in the menu up top to go to a page that contains general, non-exam-specific materials.

Also be sure to check out the calendar tab and get back to Angela if you have any burning need to get exams moved.  As she has stressed, the final decision is up to the professors, but we can request an exam date change if enough people want one.

Finals Info

Hey guys!  We’re almost there!  Keep your study game tight and do your best.  Thanks to Amanda F. for compiling most of this.

Key: cumulative non-cumulative 


9 AM, D236: PE skills (1 credit hr) 45% of grade (pass/fail)
3 random stations out of 10. Each station worth 15% of final grade.
General physical exam (2 stations)
Clinical methods (2 stations)

1 PM, C120: Anesthesiology (2 credit hrs) 30% of grade (80 points)
Pain physiology and recognition
Local and regional anesthetic techniques
Caesarian section
Neonatal and geriatric anesthesia
Species differences
Small animal protocol
Large animal protocol

FRIDAY 11/21:

9 AM, B112: Pathology (4 credit hrs) 50% of grade (200 points, 20% pre-midterm info)
20 points Troan (matching)
20 points Borst
100 points Cullen (Hess/Hauck included in this section) – MCQ and short answer
60 points Law


9 AM, D239: I&I Cases (2 credit hrs) 45% of grade
Cases 6-11

1 PM, D239: I&I (3 credit hrs) 45% of grade (200 points, study old exams!)
88 points Levy (MCQ, maybe 1 or 2 short answer)
74 points Hammerberg
38 points Flowers

MONDAY 11/24:

9 AM, D239: Surgery (3 credit hrs) 38% of grade (mostly post-midterm info)
Practical is 25 points, 10 stations: hand skills, anesthesia skills, math skills, surgical anatomy skills
Written: 75 points

TUESDAY 11/25:

9 AM, C120: Pharmacology (5 credit hrs) 20% of grade
Drugs affecting glucose metabolism
Adrenocorticosteroids and steroidal drugs
Thyroid and anti-thyroid drugs
Hypothalamic and pituitary hormones
Drugs affecting reproduction
Serotonergic drugs/prokinetic agents
Proton pump inhibitors


9 AM, C120: TAU (1 credit hr) 100% of grade (pass/fail)

Surgery and Pathology Review Session


**Review Session** Link to lecture capture for 9/29 Review Session. The pathology review is the first half, followed by the surgery review.

It turns out this photo is what you get when you type “cute lice” into Google images.  Awww.  Look at its lil’ legs. Please do fill out the quick one-question Surgery pre-exam review survey that Mac made.  If Dr. Mathews approves, we will have the review lecture-captured. Have fun studying like fiends, y’all!

Welcome back, and welcome class of 2018!

wolfpupIt’s time to get back to business!

2017ers, please give a warm welcome to the members of the class of 2018 when you see them.  We have had a good time hanging out during Orientation and they’re a cool bunch!

2018ers, until you elect your own study coordinator, please see the links to the right to access study materials for your current classes.  Please let Cari or I know if you cannot access the resources using your account.  Happy studying, everyone!